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Don’t eat less eat right

Health Enthusiast Celia Tanaka earned her Bachelor’s degree in Foods & Nutrition from the prestigious University of Sto. Tomas, the oldest university in Asia.  She got her licensure from The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) in Manila in 1979.

Since then, she has travelled and lived in many countries, in Asia, Europe and the Americas.  She has been exposed to five star dining, fresh nature’s produce from different cultures including the Mediterranean.

She has many passions including realty, travel services, yoga, but health and nutrition is always on the prime list. She knows that we can keep the optimal health through foods and mother nature’s harvest. After all, Grandma lived up to 95 without hospitalisation, and her mom at 87 is still cooking family’s meal.


About Clinica CT Tanaka

This is an online Nutrition Life coaching site.

Clinica CT Tanaka would like to be your friendly next door coach to serve the neighborhood and far away seekers of answers to their unanswered questions  pertaining to natural healing and wholesome optimum health , physically, emotionally, mentally and even spiritually regardless of races, age and conditions.  We are not only what we eat, but what we see, smell, drink, hear and consume.

Our online clinic has international team supporting our purpose of wellness, greatness, and happiness.

May the Divine guide us in making this body, mind, emotion, and spirit His temple as He created this very being.


​ At your service, let us enjoy living….

Our Vision

Our mission is to coach on best and natural way with ease and help patients to understand their inner health and learn on proper way to nurture, nourish the body, brain, emotions, and spiritual their wellbeing.

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We cover a big variety of nutrition services

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